I was born in the city of Queretaro, Mexico on March 18, 1974, but I am originally from a small internationally known town called San Miguel de Allende, where I grew up and mostly lived in before getting married.

My mother being a native of this small town and my father from Baltimore, MD, USA.

I have quite more Italian in me (that's where the funny name comes from and my large nose), and some other strange mixes like spaniard and some latin-native american; also I think I have a bit of jewish from the Italian side because of old Genovese roots, the Italian side comes from my father and the native-american and Spaniard from my mother.

Anyway, I don't believe in the idea of where people come from, I am more interested in where they go, how and why they do things and how they achieve them. 

I'm a very peculiar type of person who enjoys knowledge at its best and just can't get enough of it sometimes, I think it's my favorite drug. To me knowledge has absolutely no limit.

I am also an extremely perfectionist, which is kind of sad sometimes because it is very hard for me to see or accept simplicity and beauty in certain things because I demand more, so it has played an important role in building a pessimist sense in me also. So I have become some kind of a frustrated knight on a crusade in search of the "Holly Grail of Perfection".

I love technology and science, mostly anything that has to do with computers. I also love arts, mostly painting and art criticism (thanks to my father who is an outstanding master in arts, taught me to see and understand art, strangely he never taught me how to paint, but the truth is you just can't be both, and that is a fact). Of the many things I like doing, I think playing guitar is what I just like the best, maybe I am not a great guitarist, but when I do play I can tell you I just completely get lost somewhere with absolutely no doubts or worries in my mind, it's a great feeling, I hope the day I die it will be the same.

Many other hobbies and things I like doing include composing music, recording and mixing (my own music of course), reading, researching, 3D CGI modelling and rendering, photography, architectural design, architectural lighting, wines, beers, card games such as "Magic The Gathering", chess, billiards, bonsais, and the list can go on....

My wife and I love cats, we have four at the moment, if we could, we would have more, probably other furry and not so furry creatures, we actually love animals.

I also like children, they are very inspiring to me, having one of my own has been probably the best thing in life that could ever happen to me, I got to know myself better and finally understood all the lectures my parents gave me.

I have many beliefs in life. I am not your outstanding religious neighbour in the community, but I do have faith, and I do not wish the worst to anyone, I believe in being a good person and not hurt others, that includes other human beings, and I think any God of any religion will see this as a plus.

Joe Giampaoli - 2012